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Welcome to BettaPork

BettaPork piggery prides itself on being one of the most sustainable and vertically integrated pork producer in Australia.

BettaPork specialise in delivering an environmentally friendly, quality assured product to the modern Australian market whose desire for greater animal welfare is their highest priority.

BettaPork’s Landrace and Large White breeds are crossed to produce F1 animals, which go on to breed the epitome of taste, tenderness and meat eating quality every time. The Brosnan’s family passion for sustainability is evident throughout the entire pork supply chain and their relationship with those that make the dream a reality, from local butchers to consumers, is the key to BettaPork’s success.

BerttaPork are leaders in state of the art pig breeding and growing piggery facilities and are wholeheartedly committed to investing in the care of our pigs and in the future of this great country.

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