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Pork Suppliers

The faces of BettaPork have developed a steadfast relationship with their butchers and in turn, their customers. Laurie Brosnan is determined his clients know where their pork originated, how it was raised and at the very least understand that what they are eating will be here tomorrow.

The Brosnan family knows what it means to be a grass-roots producer rather than a corporately owned business with overseas investors. The family acknowledges the possibility of glitches because the pigs are, after all, still pigs.

If you would like to sell BettaPork in your Butcher Shop, Restaurant or Supermarket please email Laurie Brosnan or call 0417 738 186

“We are, hand on heart, doing the best job we can in a controlled environment to deliver a superior pork product grown under optimum welfare conditions to your dining table. This focus ensures our clients (butchers) and their customers are buying an exceptional product every time.”

Laurie Brosnan