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Animal Welfare

Put simply, the BettaPork piggery is no less than a state of the art facility with welfare the number one consideration.

Investing in Research

Thirty years in the making and of European design, SWAP pens are not widely adopted in Australia making the Brosnan family something of a lone wolf and industry leader. Despite its slow uptake nationally, the Brosnans stand by their sow accommodation and with good reason- their production results are in line and in most cases well in front of industry standards.

24/7 Monitoring

BettaPork farrowing pens are staffed 24/7 with piglet welfare the utmost priority.

Oversized SWAP Pens

Rather than house their birthing sows in farrowing crates not much larger than their own body size, the Brosnans adopted large pens called SWAP pens that allow sows to interact with their piglets naturally while incorporating numerous safety features with piglet survival in mind. And the great news? These pen designs and monitoring processes are bringing you, the consumer, the very best in succulent pork with welfare first and foremost.

“We were proud to say our production was equivalent to industry best standards before the SWAP pen designs and now we believe we can say we are industry best in many fields. Our priority at BettaPork is to have next level innovation and integration, making one thing sure and certain - SUSTAINABILITY!”

Laurie Brosnan

Hot Water Pads

A piglet creep area with hot water pads encourages piglets to move away from the mother to sleep and sloped pen walls with generous space underneath minimise the inherent risk of piglets being laid upon.

Climatically Controlled

The pig’s accommodation facilities are climatically controlled to ensure comfortable temperatures for sows during the most drastic of heat waves. In turn, fluctuations in performance of individual pigs has decreased dramatically.

Evaporative Cooling

Each of the accommodation facilities are also fitted with hanging evaporation cooling spray systems that continually spray a mist of cool water ensuring pigs are cool and content at all times.

Next level innovation and integration at BettaPork makes one thing sure and certain- sustainability…the Brosnans are here to stay.

“Ensuring comfortable living conditions for our stock do after all make for happy pigs, and a happy pig is a profitable pig”

Laurie Brosnan