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A Family Tradition

BettaPork has come a long way since its inception in 1959. The Brosnan family moved from Warwick with their busy bundle of nine children to take on what was originally a dairy farm 14km north-east of Biloela in Central Queensland. As was common at the time, cream from the dairy was sold to local butter factories while most dairies owned a few pigs to dispose of the skim milk portion.

As the 1960s started swinging the Brosnans dabbled in stud pigs, however the idea failed in terms of economic viability and a 100 head sow line remained.

Eldest son Paul Brosnan married Dale in 1977, prompting the Brosnan family to purchase a farming block at Emerald to accompany numerous plots of farming land acquired over the years. The remaining Brosnan children went their separate ways and all agricultural land was sold bar the 16 hectare piggery.

In the coming years Paul and Dale acquired the block across the road where they made their family home and so began a long and proud history as premium pork producers.

“Paul and Dale Brosnan became one of the first in Australia to implement the three site production system with environmentally controlled buildings.”


Continuing the long running family tradition, Paul and Dale’s four sons – Jeremy, Laurie, Tim and Geoff, and their daughter Emily, are all active within the business.

Bettafield became BettaPork as part of a sound succession plan with Jeremy handling the day to day demands of hygiene and overall cleanliness, Laurie busying himself with the operation of overall management and piggery facility, twins Tim and Geoff focusing on sustainable farming and machinery and Emily’s area of expertise is pig nutrition and running the feedmill.

Careers in agriculture

BettaPork offers wide ranging employment opportunities to local men and women and those further afield.

A large portion of the BettaPork workforce is comprised of internationals with no fewer than five years experience, demonstrating BettaPork’s dedication to quality, an openness to multicultural diversity, and above all their desire to maintain the welfare standards they pride themselves on.